I was at Anime Expo on sat! :) Motorcity had a panel and they showed never seen before pilot episode and answered few questions. I got there a little late so i sat down quietly all the way in the back :) After the event, one of the motorcity fan came up to me and gave me print of duke fan art and and hand painted claire! :) I was so surprised and happy. Thank you so much for this again, I really love it :). Few titmouse artists were at artist alley and one of my friend and coworker Mark Taihei gave me a print of his One Piece fanart. iviarker.blogspot.com is his blog so please check it out!

Motorcity car was at Xgame, but i didn’t go on sun, so i had to steal some photos from my friend keith:D. all the photos of xgames are shot by him :) The cool looking guy in the green shirt is our titmouse boss, Chris Prynoski! http://burstsausages.com/- where i got the pics. 

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